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A Skip Singlet
A Skip Singlet
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Ohan aceituna
SideWalk Skate Mag
Sidewalk magazine_

Documenting the British skateboard scene from the inside for over a decade: whether it's attending grass roots events, showcasing new and unknown British talent or working alongside homegrown and visiting skateboard teams, Sidewalk will be there. Published monthly, twelve times a year, Sidewalk has an unprecedented position within the skateboard scene and, as such, acts as the first point of contact for skaters interested in the British scene, regardless of their age or location. Sidewalk is run by skateboarders for skateboarders, plain and simple. No extreme knitting, no rollerblades, no radical wheelbarrow racing - just raw skate action.

Viopeeps Skater, Becky Jaques is featured in this issue.

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